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I ordered 140 lanyards and 80 of them were printed crooked and they refused to reprint them or give me a refund for their less than satisfactory printing job! I would be embarrased to use them they look that bad.

When I called to fix the order, the customer service employees just wanted to argue with me about how the product looked 'perfect' to them after I sent them pictures. They were trying to blame their poor printing job on the shipping material it was packaged in... what?! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY because they do not stand behind their products and will not get your money back if they make a mistake!

I would include pictures of my order if I could so you could see the quality this company produces.

Monetary Loss: $112.

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Ordered just a few Lanyards for a small event. Ordering was easy.

I paid extra for a rush order. I was giving a tracking number but item was delivered to their office, their process on orders smaller than 100. The problem is my order sat in their office for 2 days before they reshipped it to me with no tracking. It arrived 3 days late.

Product was ok, what I expected for the price.

I contacted them about receiving a refund for the expedited shipping I paid for. All I received was "I apologise are for the troubles caused to you"


IF you MUST use this company, do yourself the favor of not giving them your credit card info until it is time to finalize order by approving a proof that they'll send to you. Was the only thing that saved me from them charging for a 2nd order I placed by accident (which would have left me with 1000 extra lanyards and $1,200 poorer

Los Angeles, California, United States #1013463

Its very irritating to me that this company has a physical address in Texas yet the people answering the phones are likely not born and raised in the US. Not prejudice but for the few items that I can find that are still made in America, I like to support our economy vs throwing $ at China.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1013461

Yes, ordered through a on-line phone database into Texas from India before being made --- cheaply as I hear --- from China. The whole point of these lanyards is marketing. I hope they don't look like caca

Los Angeles, California, United States #1013460

So your experiences with this new company have been good? I think they make up the rules as they go.

They didn't try charging me a $10 cancellation fee when I accidentally placed two orders through their website, but I had to full on argue to get the order cancelled.

I'm sure the only reason they gave in was because I hadn't yet given them my credit card info. Hah, hah!

Los Angeles, California, United States #1013455

May I ask what company you use now and if you've had good experiences with them thus far. This last company I used had a well laid out website.

Hope the lanyards look nice or the complement about the website (which isn't exceptional --- early good) will be the only positive thing I can say about this company. Sad.

to John PDC #1291771

Totally Promotional


Im waiting on an order for a much larger quantity of lanyards & I don't intend on using this company again unless they are perfect AND I can reorder over the phone. For one, they confuse the *** out of you.

Very easy to place the order on-line. Then the difficulties begin:

- A representative (an Indian many named Jones e-mailed me saying they tried calling me by phone --- but I know they didn't) and that if I did not return the call within 1-2 hours or approve the proof on-line in the same period of time, they'll process it without your input! Ridiculous! Yes I ordered the 2-day service but I want it done right before anything else.

At one point I blundered and actually placed 2 orders for the same thing. Why? Because of the business akas as shown on e-mails and/or when you click on links to view the order or the invoice keep you confused. They seem redundant, but you don't know if they are or not.

I couldn't even tell if the 2nd order was indeed placed with them or another company it was so confusing. After ruling-out two other websites I looked at the night before and realized CustomLanyard,net was the company I used, I called to cancel the extra order. The man I spoke to agreed to but said, "do you mind if I ask why you are canceling your order." When I explained it to him that I placed multiple orders by mistake and didn't know which of the 3 websites the order may have come from, he did a complete 180 and changed his mind about the refund. He said the order will be processed as-is and my credit card payment processed!

It was for a $1,300 order, mind you, an amount not considered much by some people but certainly to a small business person as myself. The call ended with me upset and I ended it by telling him, "...you can not hold my money hostage. I'll be calling my credit card company to block the charge." Instead I first decided to get a rational person on the phone for a quicker resolution. That man saw the duplicate orders, cancelled the extra one without issue, and I was very pleased.

I spoke to that man yesterday. Today, I get a phone call at 6:30AM that went to voicemail. Same message as from the one who called him Jones. I believe it was the same voice as well.

Only this time his name was Victor (make from that what you will). It was the same person who e-mailed me previously about his supposed 2 hour window and placed that first call. I called the company to AGAIN ask them to check my order, make sure there was no other orders of any kind and if there were, to please delete them. Guess who's voice answered the phone: Mr Jones, aka Victor (they apparently don't have a big operation of people answering the phones to get the same person so easily.

I explained the situation I had earlier (with him, but not giving names). When he started with the runaround spin, I asked "Were you the one I spoke to about that? We're you the one that first cancelled my order only to change your mind and process it, adding there was nothing I could do? He didn't answer my questions, but only calmly said "There were no other orders."

For me, the Jury is out on this one as to whether I'd use them again.

It would have to be as simple a process as letting me call to order "the exact same thing as last time," or something similarly simple on-line. What I do know is that Jones/Victor was rude, defiant, and didn't give a *** about his customer.

Would I create a whole new thing that I haven't previously ordered to give them a 2nd chance? Right now, absolutely not. My advise is to play it safe and go somewhere else.

Companies better than this are easy to find on-line.

I'm telling you one thing: my lanyards better be PERFECT after this extraordinary amount of time and effort wasted. So, the following


I placed an order but had to cancel it the same day because changes had to be made to our logo, and I intended on placing the order later...no problem except under their FAQs, it says no fees for cancellations done pre-production, yet they charged me $10! They said it's under their "policies", which it is, but if this outfit were concerned about customer svc, they would have abided by what they had on their site under FAQs.

Fortunately paypal refunded me the $10 based on their website. Also, most reputable companies send free samples. There is prob a reason these folks don't! They wanted me to pay $6 for a sample of a .57 item.

I suggested they just stick it in an envelope with a stamp, but they still wanted the $6! I had many conversations back and forth over these issues and they were incredibly rude and didn't give a hoot about customer satisfaction.

They definitely have the cheapest prices on lanyards, but I'll pay double rather than go with these folks. Try everydaylanyards.com - they have comparable pricing.

Orangeville, Utah, United States #683151

Typical rip-off joint. Guaranteed the order then when could not come through as promised and we canceled, they added a ten dollar fee calling it a "cancellation fee"


Similar experience. I ordered 5,000 lanyards, and while they look okay, you can tell they are VERY cheaply made.

The bigger issue I have with the company is that online they claim to be located in Houston, but the product came from China. Then, without any agreement or notification, and having agreed to "free" shipping, I got 2 bills from FedEx for international customs and fees. Thankfully FedEx dropped the charges, but customlanyard.net is definitely not located in Houston.

I also started getting spam emails from other Chinese companies. Yikes.


At least you GOT your orders! I am still waiting on mine that were expected April 9,2012.

I've called, left messages & NO ONE calls me back & whoever Jeff is never returns any of my emails inquiring about a tracking number either. I've emailed every address given on the web page & the phone numbers listed are sent to voicemail.

I will NEVER use them again. They were very responsive & communicative to get my business but practically dropped off the face of the Earth once they got my money!


I had nearly the same experience - but my order was much larger at qty. 700.

They used the wrong attachment for my order and REFUSED to remake them. I found another company that costs more, but I can see you get what you pay for among these items.

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